I’m frustrated.

Yes Altitude Stuck in Boot Up Logo

Yesterday I was messing around with my phone, downloaded an application from play store called Ramexpander, used it and phone restarted and never boot up passed logo screen anymore.Phone is not rooted anyway.

Searched some threads, tried it but no luck.
Holding power button for 15 seconds, not working.
Go into android recovery using both volume controller and power button, wipe partition, factory reset and everything excluding adb and update via sd card.Still no luck.

Currently living in a hostel, and going out to service centre is really not an option.I had some experiences with pc, and manages to fix some minor problem with my friends android, but i cannot fix my own due to lack of sources from google.

Any help will be appreciated.
Since my phone is down, the only way to communicate with me is by email.
Looking forward for your help.
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